Delete BYOC

When deleting resources created with BYOC, execute the following sequence:

  1. Delete all your resources first:


    Managed Service for ClickHouse® keeps cluster backups for one week after you delete a cluster. You can use two approaches to removing these backups:

    • Delay removing your CloudFormation stack for a week after deleting the resources to allow the DoubleCloud resource manager to clear the backups for you.

    • Delete the backups manually using your AWS Console.

  2. Delete the external network you used to create the DoubleCloud BYOC account.

  3. On the AWS side, delete the BYOC CloudFormation stack.


If you delete the CloudFormation stack out of sequence, DoubleCloud will lose the access to your BYOC, blocking the capability to operate your BYOC resources from the console.

While the resources will still be operational, you won't be able to modify their configuration, create new or delete the existing ones.

If such a situation has occurred, contact our technical support.