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Decrease the cost of your observability solution by building it in an open-source.

On-Demand Webinar

Join Natalia Shuliak and Adam Jennings in a captivating discussion on how to aggregate your logs, metrics, and traces for efficient analysis of observability data.

webinar is aimed at:

  • DevOps teams and system administrators.
  • IT managers and decision-makers.
  • Professionals interested in reducing observability costs.

Key topics covered in this webinar:

  • Leveraging open-source tools: Discover how building your observability solution using open-source technologies can significantly decrease costs.
  • Hybrid storage solutions: Explore the possibilities of storing data for extended periods, spanning years, while still reducing expenses.
  • Retrieving historical data: Learn how the hybrid storage approach enables easy access to information from the long tail of data streams.

Gain valuable insights into reducing the cost of your observability solution and unlocking the power of open-source tools.

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