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Beetested analyze millions of gamers emotions with DoubleCloud’s Managed ClickHouse® solution


No manual intervention needed from Beetested to manage their ClickHouse cluster

Saving days of work by creating and embedding analytics directly from the data in their ClickHouse clusters

We wanted to use ClickHouse because we have a lot of data to process and I’ve used ClickHouse before, so I knew what it could do. DoubleCloud gives us an easy way to set up all the architecture we need and also an easy to use visualization tool so we can present the information to our customers in an understandable way
Juan Palacios,
Beetested CTO

Overview / Background:

Beetested is a start-up, founded in 2022 and created by its founders Yulia Trubitsyna (CEO) and Juan Palacios (CTO), to help video game studios improve their games, based on real players' reactions, without the need for large financial and time investments.

They’re proud to be the world’s first crowd testing platform capable of measuring real, emotional engagement from gamers.

Their vision is to allow game developers to evaluate or eliminate preconceived notions about their game during development thanks to Beetested’s video game testing platform which actually measures players' reactions as they play.

Using affective computing and computer vision, Beetested is able to not only analyze players' emotions in real-time, but also correlate that data with what’s happening in the game.

Beetested provides development studios with highly accurate data about the game experience, complemented by user data (demographics) and their preferences in the game world.

Their technology addresses three issues in testing: cognitive bias, insufficient or inadequate sampling and the length of the testing process.

“Game producers recognize that the 'fun factor' is one of the biggest risks to the success of their games, a problem we solve by objectively measuring something as abstract as fun with our technology,” — Yulia Trubitsyna, Beetested CEO'


  • When analyzing a video game to determine if gamers find it ‘fun’, Beetested need to record the players, their faces and their reactions whilst playing the video game.

  • Their proprietary machine learning models then analyze every single frame of the video.

  • They’ll typically record twenty to fifty videos per game, to ensure a statistically relevant sample, which quickly amounts to millions of frames of data that need storing per video.

  • Their ML then needs to transform that data into a structure that can be analyzed and visualized for their clients.

“Testing a product before releasing it to the general public is a must, but it’s hard to test it with real users without falling into common biases. We get rid of the bias so that game studios and publishers can have the most accurate information, ” — Juan Palacios, Beetested CTO

The solution

As Beetested’s CTO, Juan had used ClickHouse before, so the solution seemed simple.

They knew they needed ClickHouse as they’d be storing a lot of data that wouldn’t require constant updating or modifying; they just needed it to be inserted so they could have their ML models analyze it.

As a start-up however, time is of the essence which is why they chose to work with DoubleCloud.

The outcome

DoubleCloud’s managed ClickHouse service does all the annoying, repetitive and tedious tasks that come with configuring ClickHouse exactly as they needed it with little to any manual intervention from themselves.

Analyzing players' emotions whilst they’re playing video games however (and efficiently storing all that data for analysis) is only one side of their business.

Once that’s done, the findings then need to be displayed in a sufficiently valuable way so as to provide insights to the developers of the games.

Beetested will be using DoubleCloud’s visualization tool to create these dashboards, embedding the analytics directly in their own platform and saving themselves even more time and resources as they can be created directly from the data stored in their ClickHouse clusters.

Before this the reports were created in .pdf’s and could take hours (and hours and hours) to finish.

The fact they can now be created with the click of a button is a huge win for Beetested.

Although not in place yet, Beetested’s CTO has also highlighted the fact that DoubleCloud’s managed ClickHouse service could also be used to create their observability solution, storing all their logs, traces and metrics in a low cost and efficient manner.

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