Analytics for advertising scenarios

A simple and efficient solution for building analytics based on data from the most popular advertisement platforms like Facebook ads, Google ads, Linkedin ads, and many others.

Get help from DoubleCloud with setup, configuration, and integration, and you can be up and running in minutes, rather than hours or days.

Analytics for advertising scenarios

Designed for

SaaS builders

Companies building a product or service around digital advertising.

AdTech and MarTech companies

Aggregate data from various platforms to build unified sub-second analytics, and use them to power AdTech and MarTech solutions.

Gaming companies

Gaming companies can use DoubleCloud to optimize and analyze vast amounts of data from advertising campaigns.

What we offer

Aggregate data from advertisement platforms and merge them with your own data using DoubleCloud Transfer and our built-in connectors to our managed ClickHouse data warehouse for sub-second analysis.

Use pre-build supported connectors for ads in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Features and benefits

Open source

Use the same original ClickHouse distributive wherever you like, without vendor lock-in.


Connect to most popular ads platforms like Facebook ads, Linkedin Ads, Google ads and others.

Sub-second analytics

The column-based ClickHouse database is 10x faster than other analytics DBMS. Build solutions with sub-second query speed without pre-aggregation.

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