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Real-time analytics for AdTech

Build end-to-end analytics based on data from the most popular platforms such as Meta ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and others. Replicate, process, store, and visualize data securely, seamlessly and efficiently.

With DoubleCloud’s setup, configuration, and integration you’ll be up and running in minutes. Ready to improve operations and optimize performance of your data analytics?

Designed for

SaaS digital advertising platforms

Create an in-house BI solution for your ad campaigns and maximize advertising revenue. Launch new products faster.

AdTech and MarTech companies

Aggregate data from various sources and build unified sub-second analytics to power better decision-making.

Brand advertisers

Analyze actionable insights to optimize campaign effectiveness, drive revenue and get ahead of the competition.

Modern data infrastructure for AdTech data analytics

  • Use pre-built supported connectors for ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn.
  • Aggregate data from advertisement platforms and merge them with your own data using the cloud-agnostic service DoubleCloud Transfer.
  • Set up a new data cluster in minutes and utilize the Managed ClickHouse service for sub-second analysis.
  • Create and configure dashboards and graphs for free to visualize your data from various sources.

Enabling data analytics for AdTech and MarTech

Faster time to market

Accelerate data analytics capabilities with various tools and integrations, easy to set up in a few clicks.

Handle large volumes of data

Utilize modern technologies to process data quickly and efficiently, while reducing time and resources.

Scale data collaboration

Bring together data from different sources and share it securely between various stakeholders.

Get started with DoubleCloud

Build a powerful solution with DoubleCloud Managed Service for ClickHouse at the center

Open-source technology

Use the original ClickHouse distributive wherever you like. No vendor lock-in.


Connect to the most popular ad platforms such as Meta Ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads and others.

Real-time analytics

Build solutions with sub-second query speed without pre-aggregation, using the columnar ClickHouse database.

ETL and Visualization as a Service

No servers to manage, auto-scale, free-tiers and native connectivity support to ClickHouse.

High availability and fault tolerance

Resizing and configuration without downtime, high availability configurations without a single point of failure.

Hybrid storage

Store data on SSD and S3 transparently and reduce the cost of storage up to 3 times. Build analytics with with cold data worth of months or years.

How a traffic monetization platform benefited from migrating to cloud-based managed ClickHouse:

  • Reduced time and workload for cluster support. DoubleCloud almost eradicated the time for cluster support and increased cluster stability due to the migration to the cloud, resulting in huge cost savings.
  • Cluster updates with minimal downtime. It is now possible to perform regular updates of the clusters to new versions with minimal downtime.
  • Through the easy-to-use web interface, the company quickly increased quotas, expanded storage space, and the services with flexibility and reliability on a different level.

Ready to improve operations and optimize performance of your data analytics? the DoubleCloud’s platform will help you gain a competitive edge.