Customer-facing analytics

Are you considering the need for customer-facing analytics to provide business insights for your clients or partners or enhance the value of your product?
With DoubleCloud, you have everything you need to ensure seamless and high-available analytics operations and secure data access.

Key challenges in building customer-facing analytics solutions

  • Critical database requirements: The database should be capable of storing large volumes of data and handling constant queries, ensuring minimal latency.

  • Seamless integration with existing infrastructure: The solution should have the capability to integrate with your existing data infrastructure and extract real-time data without unnecessary complexities.

  • Flexible data access control: Establishing complex, flexible access levels to ensure the right people access the appropriate data is a challenge.

  • User-friendly data visualization tool: Customizing reports and dashboards can be time-consuming and expensive, so the visualization tool should be easily adjustable by the end user.

Build customer-facing analytics with DoubleCloud

You get:

  • A real-time, scalable Managed ClickHouse database designed for sub-second data analytics
  • Tool to upload data to the analytical database in near real-time
  • The capability to embed ready-to-go charts into your applications, maintaining consistent UX
  • The ability to build real-time or streaming analytics solutions thanks to our seamlessly integrated Managed Apache Kafka

Enjoy capabilities of our platform

Managed Service for ClickHouse

We built our solution on the world’s fastest and most resource-efficient database service adding automatic backups, sharding, replication, and updates, along with 24/7 monitoring.

You can manage your data infrastructure through the console or via Terraform.

Reliable Data Transfer from dozens of source

Serverless no-code data extraction and loading service for transmitting or synchronizing data in real-time at speeds up to 20 GB/sec.

Free Data Visualization tool with integrated ChatGPT-4

You can easily configure and embed ready-made charts and dashboards into your application or service without requiring expensive developer resources.

Additionally, with integrated ChatGPT-4 your users can get ready-made conclusions in seven languages.

Flexible and granular management of permissions and access

Built-in role-based data access allocations allow you to manage their visibility and availability for users with different access levels:

  • Configuring user access through SSO integration
  • Ability to configure access at the ROW level security level, suitable for multi-tenant solutions

Compliant and certified service

Our platform is fully compliant with major industry and privacy standards (ISO 27001, SOC 2, GDPR, and others). Connections are encrypted via TLS protocol, with SASL-authenticated access control lists (ACL) providing authorization controls.

Discover how our customer-facing analytics solution works in practice


  • Launching all their partner-facing analytics MVP only took a week
  • Partner reports are now updated in real-time, not just once a day, as it used to be
  • The DoubleCloud solution was 20% cheaper than the previous one