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Analytics for web, mobile, and gaming applications

Data analytics is an essential component of the gaming industry, with game developers utilizing data to enhance the quality of their storylines, provide customized in-game experiences, expand promotional activities, and optimize revenue generation.

DoubleCloud provides the building blocks, hand-crafted guides, and examples to help you quickly build complex analytics pipelines into your product or service.

Analytics for web, mobile, and gaming applications

Why is analytics important in gaming?

Improved gaming experiences and customer satisfaction

Create a unique and engaging gaming experience and improve game mechanics through user behavior analysis, understanding their interests and preferences.

Reduced new game development time

Lower time-to-market for new games with accumulated insights and data analytics of successful game mechanics, best features and design elements.

Amplified in-game purchase revenue

Maximize your application monetization through promotion offers based on your users habits and behavior.

Minimized data engineering expenses

Focus on your project, we will handle database maintenance tasks by automating data management and processing.

Features and benefits

Open source

Use the original ClickHouse distributive wherever you like without vendor lock.


Connect to most popular ads platforms like Facebook ads, Linkedin Ads, Google ads and others

Real-time analytics

Column-based ClickHouse database is 10x faster when compared to other analytics DBMS. Build solutions with sub-second query speed without pre-aggregation


Solution is designed to be highly scalable, with the ability to easily handle petabytes of data and scale horizontally as needed.

Hardware efficient

Clickhouse uses advanced data compression techniques to optimize storage efficiency, allowing game developers to store more data in less space


ClickHouse supports SQL queries, making it easy for developers to query and manipulate data using familiar SQL syntax.

We wanted to use ClickHouse because we have a lot of data to process and I’ve used ClickHouse before, so I knew what it could do. DoubleCloud gives us an easy way to set up all the architecture we need and also an easy to use visualization tool so we can present the information to our customers in an understandable way
Juan Palacios,
Beetested CTO
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What we offer

Our solution for building analytics for web, mobile, and gaming applications is built on best practices from other companies with detailed descriptions how to make efficient, highly-available, and scalable solutions for services handling loads of all sizes.

In this solution, you will find examples of how to instrument your application, stream processing events, efficiently store them in a data warehouse, and visualizing data with DoubleCloud Visualization.

Architecture of the solution for building analytics for web, mobile, and gaming applications

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