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ClickHouse Bootcamp: Strategies for hybrid storage and data insertion

Webinar | Thursday 7th of December at 10:30am CET | 3:00pm IST | 5:30pm SGT

Everyone knows that ClickHouse is an extremely fast and cost-effective database.

As your data grows or data application requirements evolve, you may face some common challenges. How do you keep your costs in-check without sacrificing performance? What are the best ways to insert data for optimal performance and scalability?

At DoubleCloud we provide managed open-source data analytics infrastructure, including managed open-source ClickHouse. Our experts have more than 8 years of experience with ClickHouse in production, giving us extensive knowledge on these topics.

Join us for an online live session on December 7th at 10:30 am CET, tailored for Data Engineers and DevOps to deep dive into ClickHouse.

During the session, our ClickHouse experts will go over:

  • Working with S3-based hybrid storage and tips for an easy set-up process. Hear from the DoubleCloud team that developed this open-source feature for ClickHouse.

  • Exploring various ways to insert data compatible with ClickHouse and how to work with them.

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