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Webinar: The impact of data analytics on product development and innovation in EdTech startups


Attention all EdTech enthusiasts! Get ready to have elevated your product development and innovation game with our on-demand webinar featuring the Co-founder of Mel Science!

Join us as we took a deep dive conversation about data analytics and its impact on EdTech startups. The host and guest speaker shared use-cases and practices for leveraging data analytics to create innovative solutions that disrupted the education sector.

In the webinar, speakers discussed:

  • How to handle large amounts of data about students in real-time

  • Why it was important to calculate LTV by sales channels, and how to use data in this case

  • Use-case: how to analyze partner programs and how to evaluate the effectiveness of discounts

  • Why flexible and fast data reports and dashboards were major tools in order to create successful products

The chat is especially interesting for startup founders, product managers, or just curious EdTech lovers. This webinar was not to be missed!

Watch now and unleash your inner EdTech innovator!

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