Monitor your Billing information

To access your Billing information, visit the Billing information page .

Understand your Billing Overview interface

In the Overview tab, you have your Billing information, Payment methods and a Status card:


Billing information

This section shows you the information you provided when upgrading to the Full version:

  • The Name you specified when creating the DoubleCloud account

  • The Country of your current residence

    • If your Country is The United States of America, you'll also see your State of residence in a separate line below.
  • Your Address of residence

  • Your City of residence

  • Your ZIP/Postal code

  • Your personal VAT ID

  • The company Name you specified when upgrading to the full version

  • Your company's Country of registration

    • If the Country is The United States of America, you'll also see your company's State of registration in a separate line below.
  • Your company's registered Address

  • Your company's City of registration

  • Your company's ZIP/Postal Code

  • Your company's VAT Type

  • Your company's VAT ID (if applicable)

Payment methods

Status card

The Status card shows different information depending on the configuration of your Billing account:

During your free Trial period, the Status card shows:

After upgrading to Paid usage, your Status card shows:

  • Your current balance

  • Remaining Trial credits (if available)

  • The number of days until the end of your Trial period (if available).

  • The amount of your current outstanding debt

  • Information on why your account was suspended.

  • Instructions on what to do to continue using DoubleCloud.

  • Status messages

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