Monitor your invoices

Permissions required to complete the steps below

To complete the steps described in this article, you need to be a project owner or to have a billing role assigned to your user account.

To monitor your invoices:

  1. Go to the console.

  2. Select Billing from the list of services on the left.

  3. Open the Invoices tab.

Understand your Invoices interface

The Invoices tab contains a table with the following data columns:

  • The date in MM/DD/YYYY format on which the invoice was Issued.

  • A billing Period the invoice is for.

  • The total Amount of money for all the services listed in the invoice.

    You can find more information on your resource consumption in the Consumption details tab.

  • The Status of the invoice.

    An invoice may have one of the following statuses:

    Status Description
    Issued The invoice is available for payment. You have time before the payment deadline.
    Paid The invoice is paid in full and on time.
    Failed The payment for this invoice failed. Please contact your bank or payment provider.
  • A link to View details of the invoice.

  • A download icon. It allows you to download a copy of the invoice as a PDF document.