Endpoints in Transfer

DoubleCloud Transfer provides a convenient way to transfer data between DBMSes, object stores, message brokers, and multi-cloud data warehouses. Using Transfer reduces your migration period and minimizes downtime when switching to a new database.

You can configure transfers on the Transfer page in the console.

Endpoint is a tool that connects to a data source service or a target service - thus, source and target endpoints.

A source endpoint is your data fetcher. It will connect to a remote source and send the data to your DoubleCloud cluster.

A target endpoint is your receiver. It will get the data sent by the source endpoint and write it to the database in your DoubleCloud cluster.

Transfer connects your source and target endpoints. There are different types of transfers depending on the endpoints you selected and the configuration you specified.

In addition to connection settings, an endpoint may contain data selection options and information on how to process the data during the transfer.


If your Transfer targets a database located in an AWS network, refer to the following use case for an example: Transfer data from a PostgreSQL RDS instance to ClickHouse®.

Endpoint types by data service

The following lists contain the information on which data service type endpoints can serve as sources and targets:

Source endpoints

Target endpoints

Connect different endpoints

Refer to the following article to see the list of possible source and target combinations: Endpoints connectivity matrix.