Logs in Managed Service for Apache Kafka®

This article provides information on concepts that will help you understand and better manage logs for your DoubleCloud cluster:

Log entries

Log entry records status or describes certain events in your cluster. These messages tell you that certain events occur in the cluster or show something is wrong and needs attention.

Log entry structure

A log entry contains the complete information on a logged event and consists of the following segments:

  • Date and time stamp in YYYY/MM/DD, HH:MM:SS format.

  • Log level indicator.

  • Entry text.

Log levels

Log level is a piece of status information that tells you how important a log entry is.

Your DoubleCloud cluster supports the following log levels:

Level Description
TRACE Detailed diagnostics information
DEBUG Debugging information
INFO Diagnostics information for statistics
WARNING Warning about a non-critical malfunction. Please investigate further
ERROR Error report
FATAL Possible system failure, cluster shutdown