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Calling all Data Engineers, Product Owners, Data Analysts as well as CTOs and CPOs: we have a webinar for you. We love asking hard data questions and discuss them with industry experts. The webinars can be very technical, or strategic.

Upcoming Webinars

October 4 | 14:30 IST

Discover DoubleCloud: QA with the Product Team

October 11 | 16:00 SGT

Building a successful Data Governance framework: Best practices for today’s businesses

Past Webinars

August, 2023

Kafka vs. Spark: choosing the right streaming platform for your business

August, 2023

Building robust data flows: ETL and data pipelines best practices

June, 2023

Choose wisely: ClickHouse vs. Elasticsearch

May, 2023

The impact of data analytics on product development and innovation in EdTech startups

May, 2023

A ClickHouse bootcamp in 30 minutes: tips & tricks to optimize your data from industry experts

May, 2023

Boost PostgreSQL performance with ClickHouse for quick analytics.

April, 2023

How to build end-to-end analytics in 1 week? Food delivery tech leader experience

April, 2023

Building a fast and reliable end-user analytics; Pitfalls and how-tos for A CTO

March, 2023

Real-time analytics for IoT & robotics: faster data processing, smarter decision making

February, 2023

Why collecting data is useless if you’re not effectively visualizing it

January, 2023

Decrease the cost of your observability solution by building it in open-source

November, 2022

How to build speedy data marts and leverage hybrid storage… In under 20 minutes