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DoubleCloud has a proven track record of helping businesses supercharge their analytics and data management. We offer the best possible product for the most reasonable price. It’s tailored to your needs, easy to set up, and enables you to achieve ultimate performance as you build or enhance your data infrastructure.

Setting the performance benchmark

Our Managed Service for ClickHouse can reduce query latency by a factor of up to 100. DoubleCloud’s Transfer tool provides up to 20 GB/s transfer speed and is 9x faster than Airbyte while also being cheaper. Managed Kafka brings a 20% price/performance boost on AWS Arm instances.

We achieve these numbers by building our products upon quality open-source technologies. Starting from this solid base, we bring added value by eliminating infrastructure overheads, such as extra maintenance costs or suboptimal resource utilization.

Our driving goal is to deliver the utmost cost-efficient solutions for our customers. This desire defines everything we do. We constantly optimize existing workflows by identifying and clearing bottlenecks to enhance performance. As a result, our customers continuously receive greater value for the same cost.

No matter what solution you currently use, you can get
more and spend less with DoubleCloud

Save your budget with DoubleCloud

We offer highly competitive prices for managed open-source services, along with a range of opportunities for cost optimization.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud): Maintain your existing cloud benefits, including any discounts and pricing arrangements

Storage efficiency: Our S3 hybrid storage solution can save you up to 5x disk space

Transparent pricing: Enjoy our pay-as-you-go model with no hidden charges

Complimentary services: Enjoy free services such as auto-backups, updates, cross-AZ traffic, ingress and egress traffic, and VPC peering

Join our happy customers in optimizing
performance and costs

Powering faster search

Lsports streamlined its sports data analytics with DoubleCloud’s ClickHouse, achieving a 180-fold increase in query speed. This upgrade significantly reduced their response time for real-time analytics, providing faster insights.

From slow to instant

The transition from Elasticsearch to Managed ClickHouse led Honeybadger to a 30x speedup in returning search results, reducing response time by up to one second.

Speeding up search:

Infrastructure costs of Spectrio were cut by 30-40% vs Snowflake, showcasing the significant financial savings alongside performance improvements.

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