Security at DoubleCloud

Security is an integral component of our products, infrastructure, and processes; you can be rest assured that your data is protected. DoubleCloud implements multi-layered security controls designed to protect and secure our customers' data.

We provide comprehensive security capabilities to protect your data and workloads, including:

  • Encryption for Data in transit and at rest: We enforce Transport Layer Security (TLS 1.2+) encryption for connections that transfer data and encrypt it when it is on the disk using AES 256.
  • Dedicated virtual machines: DoubleCloud delivers all DoubleCloud software on dedicated virtual machines for the best security for every customer.
  • Automated security updates: DoubleCloud automatically installs all security updates and bug fixes to keep your software current.
  • Network security: All DoubleCloud nodes are behind a firewall. You can specify the IP addresses your users can connect from.
  • BYOA: We also offer Bring your own account in AWS when you need to keep your data within your AWS network without providing access to third-parties, especially if you have strict compliance and security requirements.
  • Role-based access control: Administrators can provide access to users with the right level of access and permissions, following the least privilege principle.
  • Annual security testing: DoubleCloud does an annual externally conducted security evaluation for all our managed cloud services and runs a continuous public bug bounty program.

Refer to our Security Practices page for more details on DoubleCloud’s security measures, including access management, secure software development, network security, and others.


Customers worldwide and across industries rely on the DoubleCloud platform for sub-second mission-critical data analysis. DoubleCloud has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification, and documents security controls on the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR).

For more information about our Compliance program, please visit our Trust Center.


We value the privacy of your data and understand its importance to your organization and your customers.

DoubleCloud can help you comply with privacy laws and meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, we’ve invested heavily in GDPR, CCPA, and stringent privacy safeguards to keep your data private and in your control.

Reliability and System Status

Organizations run mission-critical projects and operations on DoubleCloud Managed Services — that’s why we’re committed to delivering products, applications, and networks that are stable and secure at scale. You can find up-to-the-minute service availability information on the DoubleCloud Statuspage.

We build our products on best-in-class core technologies. Our business continuity, disaster recovery and data backup programs ensure the impact on our customers is minimized in the event of a disruption to our operations.

DoubleCloud maintains our managed platforms with a 99.99% Uptime SLA, zero downtime, and global availability. For more information about our SLAs, refer to our Service Agreement.

Vulnerability Disclosure

At DoubleCloud, we take customers’ data protection very seriously. The DoubleCloud security team acknowledges the valuable role that independent security researchers play in cybersecurity.

DoubleCloud is committed to working with security researchers to verify and address any potential vulnerabilities reported to us. As a result, we encourage responsible reporting of any vulnerabilities found on our website or applications. To learn more, refer to our Vulnerability Disclosure Policy.