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Managed Service for Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka® is the leading data streaming technology for large-scale, data-intensive applications.

Streamline your Apache Kafka cluster deployment in the cloud to obtain production-ready and fully managed service in just about 10 minutes.

open-source event streaming technology
per month with BYOC
price/performance boost on AWS Arm instances
traffic cost

Get more than just Kafka with DoubleCloud

Enhanced monitoring

We offer detailed metrics on topics and replication, alongside real-time infrastructure stats such as CPU, memory, and network usage.

MirrorMaker and S3 sink Kafka connectors

Easily replicate data between clusters using Kafka Connector to MirrorMaker. Additionally, you can sync data with Amazon S3, providing a durable and scalable storage solution for your data.

x86 and ARM support

Get a 20% price/performance boost and use Apache Kafka on Arm-based instances on AWS with no extra work.

Built-in integrations

Utilize Data Transfer, which comes with over 20 connectors, to transfer data from various sources to Apache Kafka and vice versa. You can also pull metrics and logs to observability platforms like Prometheus, Datadog, and CloudWatch.

Schema registry and REST Proxy support

Activate the schema registry when creating the Kafka cluster to reduce data misinterpretation between consumers and publishers, even when the data format in your applications changes.

Auto-scaling without compromises

At DoubleCloud, we developed a brand new approach to auto-scaling specifically for fast-growing businesses. A dedicated VM and VPC is deployed for each client, making your data extra secure and reliable. The scaling process is automated, so the compute resources scale up and down based on your workload.

Engineer-friendly environment

Deploy in minutes and manage your data infrastructure easily using Terraform or API. You can create, modify, or delete topics, streamlining your workflow and reducing manual interventions.

Compare fully managed service to self-hosted Kafka

Feature / Service
DoubleCloud fully managed Kafka
Self-hosted Kafka
Creation and management of virtual machine
Network configuration
Terraform and API
Topic management
Hosts auto-healing
Automatic backups
Built-in monitoring and logging capabilities
Automatic Apache Kafka minor version updates
Operating system (OS) and software updates
Automatic rotation of SSL/TLS certificates
Provisioning and managing Apache Kafka for high availability configurations
Provisioning and managing ZooKeeper clusters
Secure and compliant environment
Free customer support, 16/5
Free 24/7 on-duty monitoring

Build data infrastructure for real-time analytics with us

DoubleCloud has everything you need to build modern, powerful analytics at scale. Build a truly powerful solution thanks to the seamless integration of our Managed Kafka with a whole platform of open-source services.

Managed Service for ClickHouse®

Set up Managed ClickHouse — the fastest, most resource-efficient OLAP database, that queries billions of rows in milliseconds, trusted by thousands of companies for real-time analytics.

Choose the most cost-effective managed Kafka on the market

Activate the service and pay only for what you use. No hidden fees. No termination charges. 30 days for free.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Apache Kafka?

Apache Kafka is a distributed event store and stream-processing platform. It is an open-source system, developed by the Apache Software Foundation and written in Java and Scala.

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