DoubleCloud Service Terms

This DoubleCloud Service Terms (the "Service Terms") governs your use of certain DoubleCloud Services and forms an integral part of DoubleCloud Customer Agreement (the "Agreement").

This document consists of the General Service Terms applicable to all Services (the "General Terms") and Terms of Use for Specific Services (the "Terms").

Capitalized terms used herein have the meanings given in the Agreement and Linked Documents.


1. General provisions

1.1. Description of Services and Service's Documentation are available on Site and/or in Management Console. Customer must comply with Documentation applicable to Services.

1.2. DoubleCloud may make new Services available to Customer. Terms of use of new Services will be posted online at the URL specified at: and become effective once posted.

1.3. DoubleCloud may terminate any certain Services provided subject to prior notification of Customer at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the termination.

1.4. The use of certain Services may be limited by Quotas and Limits described on Site and/or in Management Console.

1.5. DoubleCloud may provide Customers with access to different versions of Services.

2. Versions of Services

2.1. Public Preview

2.1.1. Preview means the version of Service, intended for external testing the functionality and research capabilities of Service aimed at improving, identifying and fixing errors, collecting Customers' wishes for the subsequent release of Public Version. Preview can be used for the test environment and for work with non-critical tasks in the production environment.

2.1.2. Preview is available to all Customers, subject to prior access confirmation by DoubleCloud.

2.1.3. The use of Preview is subject to the present document, Service Documentation available on Site or in Management Console. There are no specific terms of use provided for Preview.

2.1.4. There is no Service Level provided for Preview. Technical support is available. The use of Preview is free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated by Documentation and/or Site.

2.1.5. DoubleCloud may suspend or terminate Customer's access to Preview at any time.

2.1.6. By starting to use Preview, Customer accepts the present terms of use of Preview and represents that you understand the risks associated with the use of Preview and confirms that you:

(a) are familiar with the limitations in using of Preview;

(b) understand that Preview is provided "as is";

(c) accept the risk of any negative consequences caused by errors or other malfunctions of Preview;

(d) will comply with Documentation on Site and / or in Management Console.

2.1.7. By starting to use Preview Customer agrees that in order to improve the quality of Service DoubleCloud is entitled to collect reviews and feedbacks from Customer on various issues related to Service testing. Collected reviews and feedbacks can be used to generate statistical and other data that can be used to improve Services.

2.1.8. Customer undertakes not to disclose any information relating to Preview, which is not accessible to a third party, including information regarding performance and errors of Preview, reviews, feedback, opinions, suggestions in respect of the operation of Service provided by Customer, including reports on detected errors and inconsistencies obtained in the process or as a result of testing Preview of Service.

2.2. Public Version (or General Availability)

2.2.1. The use of Public Version is regulated by Terms.

2.2.2. Service Level will be provided for Public Version, unless otherwise expressly specified in Terms.

2.2.3. The use of Public Version will be charged in accordance withapplicable Service Rates, unless otherwise set forth in Terms of certain Service.


List of available Services and URLs to Terms of their use are posted at:


Web address:

Date of publication: 27 June 2022

Effective date: 27 June 2022