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DoubleCloud's AWS Partnership

We take the responsibility of helping manage customer data seriously. That’s why security and privacy are key focus areas for our organization and product development. Your data is in safe hands. Now available on the AWS Marketplace where you can bring your own cloud account.

Why DoubleCloud on Amazon Web Services?

DoubleCloud is hosted on AWS and can also work inside your AWS account

A managed service that takes care of daily backups, security, patching, monitoring, sharding configuration, replicas, and load balancing

A platform for building sub-second analytics with managed open-source technologies

AWS Qualified software

We are now an official AWS certified Software partner. The DoubleCloud platform has fulfilled all requirements and passed technical review by the AWS team.

DoubleCloud platform architecture

Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC)

Users will now be able to connect their own AWS VPC and deploy Clickhouse®´ŞĆ or Apache Kafka®´ŞĆ clusters in their own AWS account. All computations, data, backups, and encryption keys will stay under the users account and direct control.

Bring Your Own Account (BYOA)

See why our customers love us

Made the entire hosting, maintenance and synchronization process uncomplicated. We are very happy with the solution and will extend it to other operations
Udlei Nati,
CTO, Pagali
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