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DoubleCloud Visualization. Get insights with ChatGPT!

Don’t waste time reading numerous reports and manually analyzing data — rely on AI-Insights and get fast and accurate conclusions.

Gain insights faster with AI-Insights

With GPT-4 integrated into DoubleCloud Visualization, you can get ready-made conclusions from your charts just in one click.

ChatGPT analyzes data on your dashboards, automatically recognizes the subject of the data, and provides a precise, unbiased summary. This feature is supported in seven different languages.

What we offer

A fast, simple, free tool to create and configure dashboards and graphs to analyze your data from various sources using unique connectors, including ClickHouse.

Accelerate time-to-market with embedded analytics

DoubleCloud Visualization supports the ability to integrate or embed charts directly into your customer-facing or partner-facing application, allowing you to evolve and maintain your analytical product without developing complex charts and APIs.

Features and benefits

No extra charge

DoubleCloud Visualization is a simple free of charge service for visualizing your data

Easy, quick, and powerful

Build dashboards of your data for informed decision making.


Available for Clickhouse, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Files, Prometheus, BigQuery, Snowflake.

Maps and Geo Types

DoubleCloud supports outstanding map layers and various geo types.

Combine data

Pull data from different sources, all in one dashboard.

Row-based security and filtering

Simplified security with fine grain filtering.

We found DoubleCloud’s Visualization is the best BI solution on the market in terms of price and quality
Julia Belkina,
Head of Analytics at TripleTen
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Frequently asked questions

Is the service really free?

The DoubleCloud Visualization tool is free for all DoubleCloud users.

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