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Data sips & bytes meetup:
A ClickHouse, Kafka, dbt, Airflow soirée!

Offline meetup in Berlin | Thursday, April 11th at 19:00

Location: Space Shack (Akazienstraße 3A 10823, Berlin, Germany)

The DoubleCloud team, together with the Data Natives community, is delighted to invite you to our first offline meetup for data engineers!

In the realm of data processing, speed, efficiency and ease of use is paramount. The meetup will cover how to juggle between the main tools of a data engineer — ClickHouse, Kafka, dbt, Airflow.

At the meetup, speakers from DoubleCloud and AWS will discuss the following topics:

  • ClickHouse and Kafka for real-time data pipelines

  • Code less, achieve more: Simplifying data workflows with dbt and managed Airflow

  • How to use Amazon MSK as an event store for applications

The evening will conclude with a Q&A session and pizza with drinks!

Join us and let’s have offline data fun!

Location: Space Shack coworking space

Akazienstraße 3A 10823, Berlin, Germany

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