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Managing best-in-class open-source tools so you can focus on the data

On-Demand Webinar

Join DoubleCloud’s senior solutions architect, Adam Jennings, on managing data effectively and creating a modern data-stack using open-source tools.

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Data engineers and architects.
  • IT professionals interested in modern data-stacks.
  • Organizations seeking to optimize their data-management processes.

Key topics discussed in this webinar:

  • Choosing the right data to save: Gain insights into determining what data is valuable and should be retained.
  • Selecting modern data-stack tools: Explore the options available, with a focus on balancing vendor lock-in and open-source solutions.
  • Embracing SaaS solutions: Learn about the growing trend of Software-as-a-Service in data-management.
  • Pain points in data-management: Understand common challenges like observability, scaling issues, optimizing ELK/Redshift/PostgreSQL, and reducing costs.
  • DoubleCloud’s solutions: Discover how DoubleCloud can help address these pain points and offer managed solutions for Kafka and ClickHouse.
  • Real-world examples: Explore which renowned brands are already utilizing ClickHouse effectively.
  • Sharding and replication: Learn when and why you should implement these strategies in your data clusters.
  • Hybrid storage solutions: Understand the benefits and applications of hybrid storage approaches.
  • Free visualization tools: Explore DoubleCloud’s visualization tools, designed to enhance data analysis and insights.

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