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Bye Rockset, and hello Managed ClickHouse®!

Don’t waste your summer on migrating from Rockset. Give DoubleCloud’s Managed ClickHouse a go!

ClickHouse is the fastest, most resource-efficient OLAP database, which queries billions of rows in milliseconds. Run ClickHouse with DoubleCloud and enjoy the unparalleled performance and ease of use with our fully managed service.

Start a free trial and get $700 extra compute credits!

up to 100x
faster than leading DBMS
storage savings vs Elasticsearch
fewer engineering resources
free monitoring

Why us?

We’ve designed our platform to make the day-to-day life of engineers more convenient. We will take care of all the routine maintenance, including software updates, sharding, backups, auto-scaling and more, while you can focus on product development.

True open source, no proprietary lock-in

Speed and scale: ClickHouse is built to be fast and is used for PB data at scale

Excellent, industry-leading level of support

Built-in ELT for painless migration

Unmatched performance: ClickHouse can easily handle the use cases you’re running on Rockset

Our Managed ClickHouse isn’t going anywhere anytime soon

Get more than just ClickHouse with DoubleCloud

From the team that created the world’s first managed service for ClickHouse, DoubleCloud is the easy way to get ClickHouse’s real-time speed for real-time analytics at scale.

Automated updates and backups

Our service automatically backs up and stores your data for 7 days free of charge and manages OS and software updates, ensuring your systems are secure and up-to-date.

Engineers-friendly environment

Deploy in minutes and manage your data infrastructure easily using our console, Terraform or API.

Built-in integrations

We provide a fast serverless ELT tool for real-time data synchronization from dozens of systems like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redshift, BigQuery and others.

Open-source and cloud agnostic

Use the original ClickHouse distributive deployable on AWS or GCP without vendor lock-in.

Hybrid storage

Get up to 5x less storage expenses with our built-in S3 hybrid storage feature.

Auto-scaling without compromises

At DoubleCloud, we developed a brand new approach to auto-scaling specifically for fast-growing businesses. A dedicated VM and VPC is deployed for each client, making your data extra secure and reliable. The scaling process is automated, so the compute resources scale up and down based on your workload.

High availability & self-healing

We guarantee a 99.99% availability, ensuring your ClickHouse runs optimally at all times.

Compare fully managed service to self-hosted ClickHouse

Feature / Service
DoubleCloud fully managed ClickHouse
Self-hosted ClickHouse
Virtual machine deployment
Network configuration
Terraform and API
Hosts auto-healing
Automatic backups
Built-in monitoring and logging capabilities
Automatic ClickHouse minor version updates
Operating system (OS) and software updates
Automatic rotation of SSL/TLS certificates
Provisioning and managing ClickHouse for high availability configurations
Provisioning and managing ZooKeeper clusters
Secure and compliant environment
Free customer support, 16/5
Free 24/7 on-duty monitoring

Leverage the power of Managed ClickHouse for analytics

Real-time analytics

ClickHouse enables fast and accurate analysis of real-time data, making it ideal for applications that require up-to-date insights.

Logging and metrics

ClickHouse’s columnar storage architecture, high compression ratios, and built-in SQL-based language make it an easy choice for monitoring metrics, events, logs, and traces.

ML & Generative AI

ClickHouse supports machine learning and generative AI workflows by efficiently storing and querying large datasets and enabling rapid aggregations for model training.

Time-series data analytics

ClickHouse efficiently handles time-series data, allowing for quick analysis and visualization of trends and patterns.

Power ClickHouse with best-in-class managed open-source services

DoubleCloud has everything you need to build modern, powerful analytics at scale. Build a truly powerful solution thanks to the seamless integration of our Managed ClickHouse with a whole platform of open-source services.

Managed Service for Apache Kafka®

Set up real-time data processing with our managed Kafka service, tailored for high-throughput and reliable data streaming.

How our customers use Managed ClickHouse

Logging & Metrics
Learn how Neon enhanced the granularity of resource consumption metrics for new subscription plans
Thanks to the expertise of DoubleCloud's team, we rapidly implemented ClickHouse. This architectural solution enabled a fundamentally new approach to pricing based on resource consumption, including customers with thousands of instances. It's a solid foundation for our future projects.
Daniil Efimov
Software Engineer, Neon
Read story
24-hour → 15-minute timestamps
improved granularity for metrics
500 GB + 5TB
of data in compressed format and in uncompressed format

Choose the most cost-effective managed ClickHouse on the market

Activate the service and pay only for what you use. No hidden fees. No termination charges.


Frequently asked questions

What is a ClickHouse database?

ClickHouse is an open-source, column-oriented DBMS for online analytical processing which allows users to generate analytical reports with SQL queries in real time.

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