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DoubleCloud’s 4th product update

Hi everyone, Victor is here. This month I’m pleased to announce:

Bring Your Own Account access

We’re finally launching the Bring Your Own Account feature. Users will now be able to connect their own AWS VPC and deploy ClickHouse® or Apache Kafka® clusters in their own AWS account. All computations, data, backups, and encryption keys will stay under the user’s account and direct control.

We’ve had many requests for this scenario to help comply with GDPR or other privacy requirements and, of course, from a security perspective. To activate that feature, just follow the instructions in this article and fill a quick questionnaire to get access to that feature.

AWS Qualified software

DoubleCloud platform has passed technical review by the AWS team, fulfilled all requirements, and we are now a certified technology partner. As the next step we are aiming to make available our service on AWS marketplace as SaaS service.

ClickHouse ver 22.10 and 22.11

We added new and latest versions of ClickHouse 22.10 and 22.11 with my favorite feature of being able to work with Hudi and DeltaLake formats on S3. That’s exactly where we think ClickHouse could shine and bring additional value as a fast Façade or as a data mart for slow but cheap data lakes.

Apache Kafka ver 3.2

We now support Apache Kafka ver 3.2 as the default image. Here you can read more about changes in that version.

DoubleCloud Transfer — check connection and discovery

We added functionality to check connectivity and permissions before creating a transfer service that will help you spend less time establishing connections and understanding issues in network security or the absence of permissions in data sources. That feature is also discovering the ability in databases and Apache Kafka topics to understand better what object Transfer has access to.

If you’ve any issues though or would like to talk and ask questions don’t hesitate to ping me via email.


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