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Deploy managed open-source ClickHouse in your AWS account or Google Cloud project in minutes to effortlessly manage your data infrastructure while keeping your data in your cloud.

What you get

When you opt for BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) in DoubleCloud, you’ll set up the Managed Service for ClickHouse directly within your cloud account via your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). It allows you to utilize a suite of features and services such as automated backups, sharding, replication, timely updates, and 24/7 expert monitoring.

With BYOC, you can rest assured that all your sensitive data remains securely within your AWS or GCP environment, without granting access to third parties.

Upgrade your ClickHouse with DoubleCloud

Comprehensive support and monitoring

Rest assured with our expert support and 24/7 service monitoring. We guarantee a 99.99% availability through our service level agreement, ensuring your ClickHouse runs optimally at all times.

Effortless management and updates

Eliminate the complexities of server management and ZooKeeper/Clickhouse Keeper configurations. Automatic updates and patches keep your ClickHouse current without manual intervention.

Savings with Hybrid Storage

Experience up to 5X less operational costs with our built-in Hybrid Storage feature. Optimize storage expenses while maintaining the availability and performance of frequently used data.

Scalability at your fingertips

With just a click of a button, scaling up or down is now hassle-free with our user-friendly console panel or using Terraform. Embrace the flexibility to adjust resources effortlessly.

Built-in integrations

We provide a serverless ETL data service for real-time data synchronization from dozens of systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redshift, Apache Kafka, BigQuery, Google, Meta, and others.

Compliance and security

Our platform is equipped with integrated monitoring, logging, and high-level security certifications including SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 27001.

Experience the synergy of Managed ClickHouse and Kafka services

Thanks to our seamless integration between Managed services for ClickHouse and Kafka within a single platform, you can finally combine the analytical capabilities of ClickHouse and the stream processing advantages of Kafka. Deploy both our managed service and try your hand at building a truly efficient real-time data processing system.

  • Seamless data processing
  • Scalability to adapt to fluctuating data requirements
  • High performance for rapid and dependable data analysis
  • Zero server hassles
  • Real-time analysis
  • Cost-efficient architecture in comparison to self-managed services

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