Bring your own cloud and use DoubleCloud ClickHouse for free

Switch to our Managed Service for ClickHouse® with your own account on AWS or project on GCP and enjoy it free* for the first 12 months.

What you get

When choosing to use BYOA (Bring Your Own Account) in DoubleCloud, you’ll set up the Managed Service for ClickHouse directly within your cloud account via your own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). This means you’ll benefit from services like backups, sharding, replication, and updates, all backed by 24/7 expert monitoring, without any extra charges beyond what you’re already paying your cloud provider.
With BYOA, you can rest assured that all your sensitive data remains securely within your AWS or GCP environment, without granting access to third parties.

Upgrade your ClickHouse with DoubleCloud

Comprehensive support and monitoring

Rest assured with our expert support and 24/7 service monitoring. We guarantee a 99.99% availability through our service level agreement, ensuring your ClickHouse runs optimally at all times.

Effortless management and updates

Eliminate the complexities of server management and ZooKeeper/Clickhouse Keeper configurations. Automatic updates and patches keep your ClickHouse current without manual intervention.

Savings with Hybrid Storage

Experience up to 5X less operational costs with our built-in Hybrid Storage feature. Optimize storage expenses while maintaining the availability and performance of frequently used data.

Scalability at your fingertips

With just a click of a button, scaling up or down is now hassle-free with our user-friendly console panel or using Terraform. Embrace the flexibility to adjust resources effortlessly.

Built-in integrations

We provide a serverless ETL data service for real-time data synchronization from dozens of systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redshift, Apache Kafka, BigQuery, Google, Meta, and others.

Compliance and security

Our platform is equipped with integrated monitoring, logging, and high-level security certifications including SOC 2 and ISO/IEC 27001.

Why should you consider a managed service?

Our managed database service lets you save up to 2-5 times the cost of self-managed cloud data infrastructure maintenance.
For example:

You spend $500 per month on cloud services, while monitoring, backups, issue resolution, and so on take about 6 hours per week.

You’re thinking about switching to a managed service, which costs an additional $500 per month while cutting support time by an average of two-thirds each week.

With our unprecedented offer, you can save up to $6,000 and 200 man-hours per year.

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Save up per year: $2,400
200 man hours

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Disclaimer, limitation, and notes

  1. Capped at 500 USD per month or 6000 USD annually.
  2. Subject to approval based on future required workloads.
  3. User will be billed for any consumption beyond 500 USD monthly.
  4. Applicable to accounts created between September 2023 and October 2023.
  5. Production Workloads need to be migrated within 2 months of sign-up.
  6. 12-month commitment to DoubleCloud.
  7. User pays AWS / GCP infrastructure costs separately.
  8. BYOA in GCP will be launched in September 2023

ClickHouse® is a trademark of ClickHouse, Inc.