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How to build a scalable, low-cost observability solution.

On-Demand Webinar

Join Vladimir Borodin as he presents a comprehensive overview of our observability solution (logs+tracing), which is built on open-source technologies like ClickHouse and Apache Kafka.

This Webinar Is Designed for:

  • DevOps engineers and system administrators.
  • Software architects and developers.
  • IT professionals interested in observability solutions.

Key Points Covered in This Webinar:

  • Scalability: Discover how our solution handles more than 1 PB of uncompressed logs and 500K+ inserted spans per second.
  • Low cost: Learn how ClickHouse consumes up to 10x less hardware than competitors for these scenarios, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Dogfooding: Explore how we use the same technologies that we provide to our customers, ensuring reliability and effectiveness.
    In addition, Vladimir will delve into the general architecture of our observability solution, discussing its pros and cons. He will also share interesting experiences with managing the solution in an AWS environment.

To gain valuable insights and practical knowledge about building a scalable, low-cost observability solution, watch the webinar now by filling out this form