DoubleCloud’s 3rd product update

Hi everyone, Viktor here, Head of Product for DoubleCloud.

As you all know, we hate just resting on our laurels and, whilst we all think the DoubleCloud platform is awesome (if we do say so ourselves)… we just can’t help adding cool new features!

This month I’m pleased to announce:

  1. DoubleCloud Visualization has received a new ability that will enable you to create charts based on raw SQL queries.
    That now grants you the ability to customize and build charts with greater agility and without any limitations.
    The output can be rendered in ten different types of charts: lines, tables, column charts, etc. and we plan to add the ability to customize these charts in future releases visually.
  1. DoubleCloud Visualization is now also able to connect to Prometheus to visualize data and build analytics for observability scenarios or even create a mix stories with logs and metrics on the same dashboard.
  1. We’ve added ClickHouse ver 22.9. You can check out what’s changed in the new version in the changelog here.

  2. Going forward, all new clusters of ClickHouse will use GP3 disks. Users should see improvement in IOPS and throughput from 5% to 20%, depending on disk size.
    We’re still evaluating optimal parameters and fine-tuning that feature; therefore, we expect some improvements here in the future.

  3. From now on, users will be able to set or override Clickhouse server settings during creation or adjust them on already deployed clusters.
    That will allow you to set settings for Kafka engine, rabbitmq or just fine-tune some internal settings.

  1. The Apache Kafka service can now also change messageMaxBytes and replicaFetch MaxBytes.
    Usually, that option is limited in cloud providers and limits the number of scenarios where you need to send mid or large-size messages.

  2. There’s also been a number of small but valuable changes in our UI: A new quick way to upload sample data to your Clickhouse with one-click, quickly use the ClickHouse SQL console from UI and run your SQL queries from the browser.

If you’ve any issues though or would like to talk and ask questions don’t hesitate to ping me via email.


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