Accelerate your data analytics and optimize costs with ClickHouse and DoubleCloud

Written By: Amos Gutman, DoubleCloud Senior Solution Architect

In the era of big data, businesses are always on the lookout for solutions that can provide faster analysis without breaking the bank.

If you’re using Snowflake as your data warehouse and struggling to achieve the desired performance and cost efficiency, it’s time to consider implementing a data mart alongside your Snowflake instance.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to leverage ClickHouse and DoubleCloud to build a data mart that offers accelerated analytics, cost optimization, and additional tools for seamless data management.

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Why use ClickHouse when you have Snowflake?

ClickHouse is an open-source columnar database designed for fast analytical processing. It’s an excellent choice for building data marts because it can store and process large amounts of data in real-time.

Coupled with DoubleCloud, an open-source managed platform, you can deploy ClickHouse with ease and access additional tools that enhance your analytics experience.

Here are some benefits of using ClickHouse and DoubleCloud for your data mart:

  • Speed: ClickHouse offers faster analytical processing compared to Snowflake, enabling your business to derive insights quicker.

  • Cost optimization: By building a data mart with ClickHouse, you can significantly reduce your Snowflake costs as you offload specific datasets for faster analysis.

The overall capabilities of ClickHouse for dealing with large data Volume with high Velocity while keeping low query latency is a true Price Performance Winner

Why DoubleCloud?

  • Management: ClickHouse is an amazingly performant database, but managing and maintaining it is not an easy task, and there is no meaningful value your business gains from accumulating that knowledge in-house — except maybe job security.

  • Easy data transfer: Transferring data to and from your Data Mart is a hustle. DoubleCloud’s transfer service makes it simple to load data from Snowflake to ClickHouse using a point-and-click user interface at low costs with dedicated compute nodes or even a serverless offering.

  • Free visualization: On top, it’s all that, DoubleCloud bundles a free visualization tool for ClickHouse Snowflake MySql Postgres and more, giving you the capability to easily compare data and insights between Snowflake and ClickHouse and enabling your team with the ability to create insightful reports and dashboards with an intuitive dashboard and reporting system.

Get started with ClickHouse and DoubleCloud

To get started with ClickHouse and DoubleCloud, follow these steps:

Create a transfer from Snowflake to ClickHouse

Create-new — > source endpoint

Select Snowflake:

Fill in the parameters

And there you have it, a connection to Snowflake, where you can start to pull your data into the ClickHouse data mart

In summary, integrating ClickHouse using DoubleCloud with your Snowflake data warehouse is a game-changing move for businesses seeking faster analytics and cost optimization.

By creating a data mart alongside Snowflake, you can offload specific datasets for quick analysis while reducing your overall expenses. Additionally, DoubleCloud’s transfer service and free visualization tool make it easy to manage and visualize your data, enabling your team to focus on deriving insights and driving business growth.

Give ClickHouse on DoubleCloud a try and witness the transformation in your data analytics journey.

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