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DoubleCloud’s 5th product update

Hi everyone, Victor, here. This month I’m pleased to announce:

DoubleCloud transfer service now has production-ready SLAs

For the last year, many customers have been using the DoubleCloud Transfer service in production to migrate databases and build ETL pipelines to offload data from different sources, including databases and data from external SaaS to analytical databases like ClickHouse®.

We’ve seen significant adoption of that service to transfer data from sources like PostgreSQL, S3, MongoDB, and others with the ability to replicate data to ClickHouse or snapshot the data based on schedule with the ability to auto-scale up to 1GB per second.

We are now ready to provide it with production SLAs as a paid service. We’ll send a separate email later this month with more details.

ARM based ClickHouse® and Apache Kafka®

We added ARM-based types of instances for ClickHouse® and Apache Kafka®. Arm-based AWS Graviton2 processors deliver up to 30% better price/performance over regular intel-based processors. You can find this option after switching the platform to ARM while creating the cluster and choosing the preferred size of nodes.

Maintenance windows For managed ClickHouse and Apache Kafka

Our managed service users expect the platform to take the boring but essential tasks from their shoulders, like updating the version of RDMS or updating expired certificates. Our platform does that under the hood, but sometimes such tasks could happen during high load times or at busy hours.

Now you can control when we’ll do maintenance work on your clusters, and users will have the opportunity to postpone or reschedule such system tasks to a more preferred time.

We revamp UI in Visualization to make work with charts and dashboards easier

A huge amount of work has been done to revisit and redesign the UI and UX of DoubleCloud visualization artifacts to simplify navigation, reuse charts in different dashboards, and access management.

  • We added collections, aka folders, that will help structure your workbooks and simplify access management.

  • Charts now live as separate entities and can be reused across different dashboards, eliminating repeatable work.

A new ability to control access to dashboards, workbooks and collections

Now you can more granularly control who has access and what actions the user could do with your dashboards.

For example, limit access to change connection strings or restrict the possibility of editing the particular dashboards to a limited list of users.

DoubleCloud Visualization supports BigQuery

Now DoubleCloud Visualization supports the ability to connect and visualize data from BigQuery. Here you can read how to setup connectivity and build your next analytics based on data from BigQuery.

If you’ve any issues though or would like to talk and ask questions don’t hesitate to ping me via email.


  • ClickHouse® is a trademark of ClickHouse, Inc. https://clickhouse.com
  • Apache® and Apache Kafka® are either registered trademarks or trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation in the United States and/or other countries.

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