DoubleCloud’s 7th product update

Hi everyone, Victor here. This month, I’m pleased to announce:

Public API

A long-awaited public API functionality has arrived. Now if you prefer to automate deployments and follow CI/CD approaches, you can easily do that using our public API. We provide the ability to deploy, change and manage all our four services, including building and deploying charts and dashboards via API that is available using Python SDK or directly via gRPC.

DoubleCloud Visualization secured embeddings

We added the ability to integrate or embed charts directly into your application. Users can now create a chart in the console and choose the option to embed it. For that, you will need to use an iframe in your web application and dynamically set up query parameters. There is also support for RLS that could help build multi-tenant solutions when users see different data depending on their permissions or scope. That ability could significantly increase the speed of creating customer or partner-facing applications and avoid spending time developing complex charts and APIs.

Snowflake connector in DoubleCloud Transfer service

We see massive adoption of Snowflake service across our customers and users, who, in most cases, deal with large amounts of data. Still, when it comes to extracting the data in a fast way or providing customer-facing functionality on top of that data, users are starting to struggle from the lack of speed. That’s why we think for such scenarios, you need something fast in front of data lakes like ClickHouse. But synchronizing the data can be tricky. Now you can use our Transfer service to move or synchronize data between Snowflake and ClickHouse.

Snowflake connector in DoubleCloud Visualization

We also added the ability to connect and build fancy dashboards and analytics directly from Snowflake in our DoubleCloud Visualization service. A guide on how to do that is here.

AWS ISV accelerate

We are proudly announcing that DoubleCloud is now part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program, which helps ISVs that have software solutions that run on or integrate with AWS drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting the participating ISVs with the AWS Sales organization. That’s another step in increasing our partnership with our friends from AWS that will also be projected to our customers and users.

Support of ClickHouse ver 23.3 LTS

We added ClickHouse ver 23.3 LTS and adopted it on our platform. Here is the list of changes in that version. It’s also the long-time supported version and major update.

DoubleCloud quality of life improvements

Small but sometimes quite important things that could improve your experience of using our platform:

  • Ability to copy or duplicate workbooks and move them between collections
  • We added search/filters when you are adding charts to the dashboards
  • Users now have the ability to customize QL charts including changing colors, look and feel.
  • In addition to ClickHouse’s Prometheus endpoint, we have also added the same functionality to DoubleCloud’s Apache Kafka. You can use it to fetch metrics into your own monitoring tools and services.

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