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Level up your data management with DoubleCloud

Webinar | October 4, at 14:30 IST

Are you ready to take your data management to new heights? During this session, our Senior Product Manager will cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to DoubleCloud: the end-to-end analytics platform based on open-source technologies
  • Managed Services vs. self-managed: how DoubleCloud helps manage data
  • Discover DoubleCloud services: ClickHouse, Kafka, Transfer and Visualization
  • Security practices
  • Live demo: How DC works
  • Real-world use cases
  • CTOs/CDOs who are responsible for technology and data strategy within their organizations,
  • Data Leaders who oversee data management, analytics, and decision-making processes,
  • Data Engineers and Architects involved in designing and implementing data infrastructure and systems,
  • Data professionals who work with data on a daily basis.
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