How to unlock 10x cost savings in observability and monitoring

Webinar | November 28, at 18:00 UTC+8 / 11:00am CET

Struggling with high costs, vendor lock-ins, or overwhelming logs?

Dive into live-session to learn how to boost your observability and monitoring with the DoubleCloud solution.

Join our Senior Tech Lead, Andrei Tserkhau to discuss the following:

  • The unmatched value of open-source: How can leveraging OSS minimize business risks and amplify your return on investment?

  • When does a hybrid data storage solution align best with your business needs?

  • Discover how the hybrid storage approach streamlines information retrieval for faster decision-making.

Who should attend?

CTOs, CDOs, CIOs, and tech team leaders.

Join us to learn how you can reduced data storage costs by 20%. Register here!