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DoubleCloud’s Data Transfer as a CliсkHouse-native ELT tool

On-demand webinar

DoubleCloud’s Data Transfer is the best tool on the market for moving data to and from ClickHouse. With us, you can replicate data quickly, scale easily, and create snapshots. Our transfer service is built for scale, which is reflected in price and performance.

See our Data Transfer in action! You’ll learn:

  • What makes our transfer service ClickHouse-native
  • How to set up Data Transfer for ClickHouse using DoubleCloud
  • What Data Transfer can bring to the table if you self-manage ClickHouse
  • Anything else you want to ask during an open Q&A with developers

The DoubleCloud team includes people who worked on creating the first managed ClickHouse. We’ve had our share of experience working with this exceptional database and have built tools that help you get the most out of it. And, as you’ve probably guessed, we like to talk about it.

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