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Building a fast and reliable end-user analytics: Pitfalls and how-tos for a CTO

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You just joined a new company as a CTO? Congratulations!

You now want to improve things and have the company provide better end-user analytics: e.g. provide your marketing teams with a funnel retention dashboard, build a data mart that you give to your partners to query as much as they want, or participate in working on a data product that will become part of a new business revenue stream.

This is where things go wrong… Do you now have a feeling that you are losing control of your data? Do you spend all your time trying to argue who owns what part of a data stack? Do you get squeezed into the choice of tools that are too expensive and not performant enough?

Do you have marketing, finance, and partner teams coming to you every day as they are unhappy with the data analytics and dashboards you are providing them and their customers with?
We know your pain, the same as other CTOs out there.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • What challenges do businesses face when it comes to data? — based on their life cycle.
  • How to create value from data — so that your CEO is happy, as well as your teams and your peers.
  • Customer-facing analytics: How to approach it, and how to decrease the costs with open-source.
  • How our customers are doing it: what results they are getting and what building blocks matter for their modern data stack

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