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Webinar: Boost PostgreSQL performance with ClickHouse for quick analytics


As data volumes continue to grow, businesses are seeking faster and more efficient ways to analyse their data.

This is where combining PostgreSQL with ClickHouse OLAP database can help. ClickHouse’s OLAP engine is designed for high-performance analytics, making it an ideal complement to PostgreSQL’s robust transactional capabilities.

In this webinar:

  • We will explore how to combine these two powerful databases to achieve blazing-fast analytics
  • We’ll delve into the technical details of how ClickHouse’s columnar storage and query processing capabilities can enhance PostgreSQL’s performance
  • Additionally, we’ll dive into real-world use cases and customer success stories, showcasing how businesses have leveraged this powerful combination to achieve faster and more efficient analytics.

Whether you’re a data engineer, a database administrator, or simply interested in improving your data analytics capabilities, this webinar is for you.

Join us to learn how you can take your PostgreSQL performance to the next level with ClickHouse OLAP database.

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